Who is Neinstein?

If you have been injured due to the fault or negligence of another party, then you may be eligible for compensation. The responsible party Greg Neinsteinshould shoulder the medical and rehabilitation expenses, the cost of missing work, the stress and emotional costs, and other expenses. Personal injury cases in Ontario are a form of tort law, which encompasses private and civil injuries. The purpose of tort law is to make an injured party whole again.

Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers have been helping injured Ontarians for over four decades. We provide services to clients who require compensation for their losses, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress, the inability to work, and many more. Our team works hard to make sure that our clients will not be victimized by insurance companies or the legal system as a whole.

Some of the personal injury cases Neinstein handles include the following:

  • Car and motor vehicle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Brain injuries
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Insurance disputes

Why Should I Hire A Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers are your lifeline in times of uncertainty. They will sit down with you to discuss all your legal options. With a lawyer by your side, you will have a much higher chance at legal success. Personal injury lawyers are experienced professionals. They understand the ins Jeff Neinsteinand outs of the law and are prepared to fight against insurance agents to ensure their clients access the compensation they deserve. Without a personal injury lawyer by your side, insurance companies may act in bad faith and attempt to limit your compensation. An experienced personal injury lawyer can protect against this.

  • Personal injury lawyers are experts and professionals – Personal injuries, especially the catastrophic type, can cause physical and emotional pain, distress, and trauma. Your physical and mental state of health car affect your judgment, opinions, and decision-making ability. A personal injury lawyer can help you come up with an objective and sound strategy for your case. Personal injury lawyers bring an experienced perspective to your situation and can help you secure fair and reasonable compensation.
  • Personal injury lawyers have excellent negotiation skills – Your personal injury lawyer’s negotiation abilities are what sets them apart. The defendant party in your case will do their best to limit the amount of compensation you have access to. They will send their lawyer or insurance representative to negotiate with your personal injury lawyer, and will most likely offer a hard bargain. Your personal injury lawyer is there to ensure you are not taken advantage of and receive a fair and reasonable settlement.
  • Personal injury lawyers help you get quality treatment – Quality medical and rehabilitation treatment is a must for people who have sustained an injury. Appropriate treatment can significantly improve your quality of life during and after your recovery from the injury. Personal injury lawyers will help you access quality treatment to ensure you are well looked after, and will help cover the costs of the treatment through a compensation package.
  • Personal injury lawyers help you understand your options – Someone who is not familiar with personal injury law may find it confusing and intimidating to pursue a personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer can help you file a personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim and will represent you through mediation, arbitration, or court, if necessary. In-court arguments are heard when the defendant party refuses to cooperate and offer a reasonable settlement. Dealing with this process alone can be confusing and tiring. With a personal injury lawyer by your side, you will be able to navigate the process in the most efficient way possible.
  • Personal injury lawyers help you with litigation – Arguing your case in a courtroom setting is the last resort. It happens when the offering party contests your claim. Just because the offending party contests your claim does not mean that your claim is invalid. To make sure that you are successful at court, a personal injury lawyer can argue your case and ensure your interests are represented. Your lawyer will gather all pertinent details and evidence to ensure that your case is accurately presented.
  • A personal injury lawyer can expedite your claim – People who have sustained severe injuries may need to spend some time in the hospital. Without the help of a personal injury lawyer, getting a settlement will take too long. On the other hand, if you have a personal injury lawyer by your side, you can immediately start pursuing your compensation claim, which gives you more time to focus on your recovery.
  • Personal injury lawyers give you peace of mind – Seeking compensation after sustaining an injury can be extremely stressful and time-consuming. It would be better to have more time to recuperate, meaning less time to focus on your claim. A personal injury lawyer can provide peace of mind by taking care of every aspect of your case. The lawyer will ensure all the necessary steps are taken to secure fair and just compensation. With a lawyer working with your case, you can focus more on your recovery.
  • A personal injury lawyer will keep your settlement on track and increase the chances of maximizing compensation claims – Many documents have to be presented when filing a personal injury claim. The processes involved in pursing legal action can be complex. Given that you are severely injured, you most likely don’t have the time or energy to complete these processes alone. A personal injury lawyer can help. The lawyer can ensure all legal and insurance requirements are met within the stipulated time limits. Most important, the lawyer will see to it that you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve. Keep in mind that the opposing party will do everything they can to make sure you get the lowest possible settlement. Without a legal professional by your side, this might be possible – but with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, your interests will be represented.

Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers will sit down with you to study and thoroughly discuss and evaluate your case. We have a team of legal experts with significant experience in personal injury claims. We know that sustaining severe personal injury can dramatically change your life and the lives of your family. Our team will do everything we can to help you recover from your injuries and access fair compensation for the damages you have incurred.

Serious injuries require extensive medical care, and the cost of this care can add up right before your eyes. After medical care, rehabilitation follows, especially for people who sustained severe injuries. You can access compensation for these costs, as well as lost income, emotional distress, trauma, and other damages. Without a personal injury lawyer by your side, you will not be aware of your rights and may settle for less compensation that you deserve. Some injury victims are unable to access any compensation at all. Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers will be with you every step of the way. They will make sure you receive fair and just compensation so that you can take back full control of your life.

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